The Wiland Direct database has been a solid performer for LLS, with higher average gifts, and lower cost per dollar raised than most. It's opened up a new acquisition universe, particularly important for a mature program. We're very pleased with the results and team support from Wiland."

—Bruny Lynch
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Donor Acquisition

Using our vast transactional data and powerful models, Wiland Direct helps fundraisers to affordably acquire new donors by identifying prospects whose characteristics most closely resemble those of the organization’s recent responders or donors. Our response and profile models are built using multiple techniques, including linear and logistic regression and a proprietary, pre-validated response modeling method developed and enhanced over the past 20 years.

Wiland Direct offers a variety of innovative models and solutions to help you acquire new contributors, including:

  • Prospect response models built using a proprietary algorithm that identifies donors in the Wiland Direct database that resemble your campaign responders.
  • Donor profile models developed to pinpoint prospects whose key characteristics most closely resemble those of your active donors.
  • Outside list optimization for organizations seeking to improve performance on other outside lists that have performed marginally in the past.
  • Net file modeling to help you save money on acquisition efforts by eliminating lower performing names on your net file and replacing them with modeled names.
  • Balance modeling to help you reach your financial goals with supplemental names when you fall short of your target mail quantity after merge processing.
  • Wiland Digital Solutions, through which nonprofit organizations can more effectively target prospective new donors in display advertising by leveraging their overall Wiland transactional history, resulting in superior response rates, increased online donations, and reduced acquisition costs.