Wiland Direct should be a top priority for any political candidate who is serious about raising money through direct marketing. The Wiland Direct political team is top notch and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Through sophisticated predictive modeling they provide some of the best fundraising solutions in the business at some of the lowest costs."

—Political Fundraiser

Political Fundraisers

With comprehensive transactional data on more than 235 million Americans—including millions who have recently donated to conservative political campaigns and causes—Wiland Direct helps political fundraisers to affordably acquire new donors and maximize donations from past and existing contributors. Among Wiland Direct’s more than 2,500 database participants are hundreds of political campaigns and advocacy groups. These organizations have achieved excellent results with the Wiland Direct database on both the acquisition and donor optimization fronts.

Using our vast transactional data and innovative modeling techniques, we will help you to:

  • Affordably acquire new donors by identifying politically engaged prospects whose characteristics most closely resemble those of your recent responders or contributors.
  • Maximize contributions from existing donors by identifying contributors with the highest capacity and inclination for major giving; and determining the optimal “ask series” for every donor on file.
  • Reactivate former donors, including those who have not made a contribution for a long time, by leveraging recent transactional activity with other organizations.
  • Identify the most likely activists and volunteers on your file by examining activity with relevant causes (e.g., recent donation to a pro-business cause).
  • Convert inquirers, petition signers, and other “warm leads” into donors using models that identify those most likely to contribute based on recent activity in the Wiland database.