Your reactivation model beat the others head-to-head and that made a big impact on profitability this year."

—Wiland Direct Participant

Subscriber Retention & Reactivation

Wiland Direct helps publishers reactivate lapsed subscribers and maximize housefile performance with bottom-line-focused customer models that utilize the power of all the transactional data in the Wiland Direct database. We will help you to:

  • Profitably reactivate expires, including those whose subscription lapsed a long time ago, but who have recent, relevant subscription and transactional activity elsewhere.
  • Convert other housefile names into subscribers using models that identify the non-subscribers on your housefile—such as cross-title names, inquirers and gift recipients—most likely to respond.
  • Optimize renewal series contacts by modeling and ranking subscribers based on likelihood to respond to renewal efforts.
  • Boost list rental revenue via custom models developed specifically for your list users to produce optimal results and repeat list orders.
  • Increase online subscription sales and profit with our Wiland Digital Solutions by enabling you to effectively retarget website visitors—and display the optimal offer—based on their overall Wiland transactional history and status as an active subscriber, lapsed subscriber, or prospective new subscriber.